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From Founder
Animal products play a complex role in all our lives. We want to make the products people love, even better. Better for the planet, better for our health, and better for the future.

Manny Tamargo

CEO and Founder

Our Story
From making hearts in the lab to taking on the livestock agriculture industry

Our scientifically backed technologies are born out of the tissue engineering and regenerative medicine fields. Our founder used stem cell engineering technologies to create human heart muscle in the lab. Borrowing from these themes we have captured and packaged the power of stem cell communication for a cause we are passionate about.

At Edge, we love animals and believe that with our technology we can support their removal from factory farms. We realize that regenerative medicine has the power to reshape human health and animal welfare. Therefore, our mission is to utilize our expertise to create animal-free animal products that would otherwise require an animal sacrifice.

Better Stem Cells for a Better World



Efficiency defines Edge’s product range. Our Rejuvinem showcases a 5X concentration of key bioactive compounds, delivering enhanced biological performance. Rigorous testing confirms its efficacy in promoting cellular health and tissue generation across cosmetics, cell agriculture, and life sciences. Edge’s offerings are not just advanced, they are results-driven.

Gentle & Sustainable

Edge blends gentle, safe ingredients with sustainable practices. Our cell-derived products, like growth factors and conditioned media, are crafted to meet the highest standards of safety and ecological responsibility. Edge’s advanced biotechnological methods ensure our ingredients are not only effective but also sustainably produced. This commitment to gentle products and eco-friendly innovation positions Edge as a leader in providing sustainable and safe ingredients for diverse industry formulations.


Edge democratizes access to cutting-edge biotech ingredients. Our concentrated formulations are competitively priced, providing up to 80% cost benefits to partners. Edge’s value coupled with superior product efficacy, enables industries to integrate high-end biotech solutions affordably. Edge is committed to bridging the gap between top-tier biotech advancements and market accessibility.

Manny Tamargo

Founder and CEO

Morgan Zaidel

Business Advisor

Bryce Rogers

Lead Mechanical Engineer

Shyam Arvadia

Business Development Operations

Joe Geoghegan

Customer Acquisitions Lead

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