we all love stem cells

Unlock skin rejuvenating stem cell potential in cosmetics

Increase cell growth and survival in cellular agriculture

Cultivate high-fidelity environments in tissue engineering, cell culture, and cell therapy

We tailor and package secretomes in the form of conditioned media to support cell growth in humans and cell culture

Skin Health

Gain access to premium ingredients that are scientifically proven to promote skin cell turnover and reduce wrinkles.

Cell Proliferation

Utilize endotoxin-free cell culture supplements whenever growth factors are needed for cell proliferation and survival.

In-vitro modeling

Create complex media environments that mimic the right physiology for more accurate cell culture models.

About Us

We are a team of scientists working to provide functional proteins to society via ethical and climate-friendly means.

Our ingredients can be used in cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical, and life science industries to name a few. We cultivate cells to provide first-in-class bioactive ingredients to promote the creation of high-quality, rich, consumer and research products.


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